When should I rewire my Cardiff house?

Most houses need their electrics to be rewired every 20 to 25 years to ensure safety.

Make a visual inspection of your home and look at the condition of your switches and sockets. If they look old, the wiring behind them is also likely to be old and while you shouldn’t panic, you should consider a full or partial rewire in the near future.

If switches or sockets feel warm to the touch, please call an electrician for advice. Here at Sonik Electrical & Maintenance, we’re always happy to chat to you about what your home in Cardiff or South Wales needs.

What’s the difference between a full house rewire and a partial rewire?

Generally, a full rewire involves replacing all the wiring, sockets, switches, and possibly the fuse box in a house.

It can also mean moving lights or switches to make them more convenient, rewiring showers or kitchen appliances, and adding data cabling for your home office or cinema room.

A partial rewire can involve replacing the electrics in one or two rooms or rewiring one of the floors in your home. It’s useful when you’re remodelling your kitchen, adding an extension, or renovating hour home a room at a time.

What’s the cost of a house rewire?

Each rewiring must be costed individually as each house is different. Larger, older properties will generally require more work, or your building may be listed and subject to strict regulations. That would mean careful planning is needed.

The cost will also depend on whether you’d like new wiring embedded in the wall, which would mean replastering and painting, or in trunking over existing walls.

How do I choose the right electrician for a house rewire in Cardiff?

Choose Sonik Electrical & Maintenance for our extensive experience in house rewiring in Cardiff and great customer testimonials.

Our expert, qualified electricians deliver exceptional standards of work because we know you deserve the best quality service at competitive prices.

Is it time to rewire your house in Cardiff or South Wales? Call us today on 029 2240 8724 or arrange a call back here.